Sheridan Road Magazine

October 2008

North Shore Au Naturel, An Organic Dining Guide


From free trade coffee to locally grown produce, the North Shore offers diverse options for organic dining.

My Private Chef

Chef Christopher Tong offers North Shore residents the luxury of enjoying a gourmet meal while dining in your own home.

My Private Chef's upscale private dinner service provides its clients with a customized dinner menu and authentic, themed dinners, prepared entirely in your kitchen, that capture the special flavors of the season.

Since organic dining has become much more mainstream over the past few years, My Private Chef readily offers organic, vegetarian, vegan, and raw menus to meet all their clients' special dining needs.

Chef Chris also selects fresh, locally grown produce from Chicago's Green City Market to use in his specialty dishes, such as the organic summer fruit soup with ginger and the organic grilled chicken breast accompanied by heirloom tomatoes, yellow pepper, and avocado.

Whether entertaining dinner guests or hosting an afternoon tea,
My Private Chef will pay special attention to every detail, even providing china, flowers, and linens.

Contact Event Services at 773. 370. 8131 or email