Chicago Scene

March 2008

Taking Tea with a Modern Twist


Tea is about culture, luxury, health and taste. The lovely and timeless tradition of taking tea is one of my favorite rituals. [...]

When I travel, collecting treasures from local flea markets, antique stores and shops keeps my passion for adventure as close as my kitchen shelves. There are so many gorgeous cups, glasses, teapots, petite plates, tea trays and the like–it makes throwing a tea party as fun as it sounds. It is great fun for both young and old–and is just as timeless as taking tea itself.

While you can find teas at local shops, groceries and markets, my favorite is Liif Tea. They are a Chicago-based, woman-owned importer of specialty loose leaf tea. They have designed destination tea events alongside the well known Chicago gourmet dining service My Private Chef. The hot new version of tea takes our taste buds way beyond bread, jam and cucumbers.