Northern Update

October 2008

The Art of Fine Living, Forever Young, Here’s how to stay young and healthy in high style

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The prescription for staying young, is the same for all—Eat well, stay trim and keep active—but the ways to put it into practice range from boxing to bathing in Bordeaux.
Having wealth expands your options. Perhaps that’s why affluent Americans live longer on average than their poorer peers and are less likely to succumb to disease. They have the means to a greater variety of healthy habits. If you’ve got the money, Here’s how you can go about staying young.

Eat less and live longer, studies claim. To cut back on calories, though, make them count by upping their caliber with My Private Chef. Owner Christopher Tong, voted Chicago’s most accomplished luxury chef, and his assistant, a certified raw culinary chef, will make your mouth water with dishes like mushroom risotto scented with white truffle oil; chickpea crepes with roasted winter vegetables; asparagus and avocado rolls with dipping sauce; and cauliflower soup with toasted pine nuts. You’ll never miss the cholesterol or the calories.

My Private Chef