Chicago Scene

June 2007

Trendspotting Celebrations – Father’s Day


Who's your daddy?

He's always spoiling you rotten and now it's your turn. But, contrary to popular belief, Dad is not easy to shop for. Remember when he mentioned a new wedge and you bought a pair -in a size six, with a peep-toe and a 3-inch heel? Rather than spending hours looking for that special something, we've made it easy. Take a look at this season's top gifts and trends.

Want to spoil your hubby?

To make it a cozy twosome, send the darlings away for the night and invite a personal chef (my pick is Chef Chris at to cook his favorite dish. After dinner, add some romance to the room by sipping wine under the stars to the sounds of John Coltrane. Ultimately, whatever you give, remember to be creative and garnish each gift with the best part of all -your love and appreciation.