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corporate services

corporate services

People . . . food . . . connections.

My Private Chef can create a variety of dining occasions that make your corporate activities something special and memorable. We design the menu, the preparation, and provide the wait staff to fit your individual ideas and needs.

team building

Imagine a group of your employees working together to prepare their own gourmet meal. Through food preparation, they will have a great time as they experience their potential to perform as a unified team. Each employee will be assigned a specific task. Through collaboration, creativity and trust, they will achieve a valuable accomplishment – the meal. And, they will celebrate an even greater accomplishment – becoming a team!

other corporate services

• Breakfast Meetings—features chef-attended stations serving omelettes, crepes and waffles with designer toppings.
• Gourmet Lunch Boxes
• Afternoon Dessert Table
• Chef-Attended Grill Service for Summer Events